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About Shred Skateboard Co

We hand-make high performance skateboards in California starting with a core that is 100% surfboard production waste. Yep, 100% recycled. It’s a bummer, but surfboards are made from petroleum based products, solvents, and harsh chemicals. A typical 6 ft. Surfboard creates 6 lbs. of trash during the manufacturing process. Guess where all that ends up? You guessed it, in a dumpster which ends up in a landfill. Keeping as much of that waste out of landfills and contaminating our planet is part of our mission to transform the surfboard and skateboard industries.

Everything we do is 100% custom. We have created our own shapes that focus on performance while always keeping the most important thing in mind….making them fun. Whether you’re trying to improve your surfing, get ready for your next surf trip, or just want to carve up the streets, our boards are a blast.

We will be working with surfboard shapers to create models that can be ridden with surfskate trucks to give a true sidewalk surf feeling. We’ll be using the actual waste from their surfboard production to make these surfskates. Therefore a part of their boards will be in your board.

For us, the creative process doesn’t stop with the shape of the deck. We will also be collaborating with artists from all mediums to create limited series that will be rip-able art pieces.

Company Background

Our Founder and Creator, Marcelo Gagliardi was born in Brazil and has been surfing and skating his whole life. He’s spent the last 14 years working in the surfboard manufacturing industry. In his journey as a craftsman, he has worked with industry innovators such as HaydenShapes, Lost Surfboards, Pure Glass, and Earth Technologies. It was working with Ryan Harris, owner and shaper of Earth Technologies, that opened Marcelo’s eyes to the possibilities of using green materials such as bio-epoxy resin and recyclable EPS foam to make the most eco-friendly surfboards available. But perhaps most importantly, by the invention of “shred.” Shred is a system created by Ryan which granulates production waste from the board building process. This granulated mix contains everything from foam to wood stringers, stir sticks, disposable gloves, fiberglass, and even dried resin.

Figuring out how to utilize this shred became the inception of Shred Skateboards Co. Since surfing is the genesis of skateboarding, it was a natural evolution to turn this surfboard waste into sustainable skateboards. Through much trial and error Marcelo developed a process that transforms this shred into a core that is 100% surfboard production waste. We use this core to create handcrafted skateboards that are sustainably built while not sacrificing performance. By closing the loop of surfboard production waste into skateboards, we can keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills while creating functional pieces of art.